faqdtl_icon Same Height

Set side-by-side elements to the same height

Provides a simple control to set a class so all elements in a row with that class will be have a uniform height applied to them.  FREE for the Blocs community !



Create simple same-height elements that look good

Fast Setup

Quickly adjust all the controls and get same-height elements on your site in minutes.


Simple and straightforward layout makes elements visually similar


Apply same-height class to any elements you desire & set the max width that same height will run


Easily set the same height class for any elements that need to match


Meets a basic layout need everyone has & best yet - IT'S FREE

Same Height - Text

You can set up text columns to be the same height - it's very easy.

This is a short paragraph to start with.

Same Height Control

This is a much longer paragraph to make sure that the height of this element is significantly taller than the short paragraph to the left.

Same Height - Images / Divs / Anything w/ Assigned Class

Anything can be used inside of divs set with the custom same height class !


Same Height Control




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