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Create secure pages on your site

Provides a simple and modern way to set up secure pages with login permissions for an unlimited number of site visitors.  Can be used for site membership sites, control of document distribution, access to paid content or to limit access to in-progress site work.  
No complicated coding, just simple steps to get secure access.

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Easy to Use

Provides simple page login access

Fast Setup

Quickly setup credentials and give access to anyone you want


Simple design and layout make it a breeze for visitors to use 


Simple controls to set how access will be handled from a page, redirection to login page, cancel page if visitor changes their mind, complete styling of all login elements & more


Smart functionality to give feedback during login - just in case someone needs a little help :)


Backend security to allow only those who should have access


  • Page Lock - Admin:

  •   Pg Protect: Set how login will be handled for this page: 'Login to Other Protected Page' will show a Login button to that page, 'Protect This Page' will auto redirect to the login page 

  •   Prot Page: Select protected page to go to when using Login button, Note: use with 'Login to Other Protected Page'

  •   Cancel Pg: Select public page to go to when the login page cancel button is clicked

  •   Login Pg: Select the login page

  •   Login Text: Set the login button text, Note: Button text must be set on each Page Lock page

  •   Logout Text: Set the logout button text, Note: Button text must be set on each Page Lock page

  •   Login/Out Error Text: Set error text for user/password mismatches, user does not exist, user has no access to page & logout error, Note: Error text must be set on each Page Lock page  

  •   Text Size: Set the logout button text size, rem

  •   Text Color: Set the login/out button text color & hover text color

  •   BG Color: Set the login/out button background color & background hover color

  •   Border Wd: Set the login/out button border width

  •   Border Col: Set the login/out button border color & border hover color

  •   Vert Align: Set the login/out button vertical % position from the bottom of the page

  •   Hide Login/Out Button: Initially hide the Login/Out button, Note: Toggle visibility using Shift+L and move to it using Tab & interact with it using Space or Return

  • Page Lock - User:

  •   User: Enter a username

  •   Password: Enter a password, use alpha-numeric, underscore ok, no spaces/single/double quotes

  •   Access: Enter the path from site root to page(s) this user has access to, add .php suffix, comma-separated list

  • Page Lock - Login:

  •   User Label: Set the user label text shown in the user input box 

  •   Pswd Label: Set the password label text shown in the password input box 

  •   Input Col: Set the user & password input text color 

  •   Input Size: Set the user & password input text size, rem

  •   Label Color: Set the user & password label text color 

  •   Border Col: Set the user & password border color & border active/focus color

  •   Login Text: Set the login button text  

  •   Cancel Text: Set the cancel button text 

  •   Login BG: Set the login button background color & background hover color 

  •   Cancel BG: Set the cancel button background color & background hover color

  •   Checkbox: Set the checkbox color that shows when a user has successfully logged in 

  •   Start Pg Err: Enter error text when incorrectly starting from login page

Page Lock Example - Click the login button at the bottom - right: User/Password: test/test

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