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The Blocs Community asked for custom brics and here they are.  All crafted to make your web building easier and faster.

Please let me know what you would like next !

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All the interface controls that you need are at your fingertips - without a lot of confusing ones that noone really uses - You have websites to build and people to impress :)

All brics can be dropped in Blocs and utilize the bootstrap framework to work across all devices.

These brics are for use in Blocs - one of the most useful & easy-to-use web editors out there - You can't get any more modern than that.

Sticky Alert

Provides informational pane on the page

Provides a simple way to display an informational pane on page load. Can be used for GDPR policy statements, new sales/product announcements, etc.  FREE for the Blocs community !

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Invisible reCAPTCHA

Add Google's new reCAPTCHA to your forms

Provides a simple and modern way to prevent spam in your contact forms.

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Provides Live Phone Link for visitors to call you

Provides a simple way for your visitors to call you directly on their smart phone. Has a selection of phone icons, icon sizing, international phone dialing plus an assortment of text controls. FREE for the Blocs community !

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Same Height

Set side-by-side elements to the same height

Provides a simple control to set a class so all elements in a row  with that class will be have a uniform height applied to them.  FREE for the Blocs community !

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Creates FAQ with show/reveal functionality

Provides a simple way to provide sets of Frequently Asked Questions with a custom question and answer that's revealed on click.  Can also be used as a simple Accordion.  Has an option for initially revealed answers and a  selection of  text controls.  FREE for the Blocs community !

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