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Provides Live Phone Link for visitors to call you

Provides a simple way for your visitors to call you directly on their smart phone.   Has a selection of phone icons, icon sizing, international phone dialing plus an assortment of text controls.  FREE for the Blocs community !



Provides a selection of recognizable phone icons in a range of sizes

Fast Setup

Quickly adjust all the controls and get a phone link on your site in minutes


Simple design and layout make it a breeze for visitors to use


Controls to set text size, line-height, text alignment & even international calling


Easily change the display text to whatever is desired


Meets a basic contact need everyone has & best yet - IT'S FREE

Four Icon Sizes

Chose from four different  icon sizes and use the one that works best for your layout.

Other Controls

  •   Phone Number - to set the actual telephone number to dial.

  •   Icon Line Height - to adjust the vertical alignment of the icon with the text.

  •   Icon & Text Colors - color wells to set custom colors.

Four Icon Types

Choose from four different phone icons or set it to none, if desired.

  •   Text Display - to set the text that will be seen.

  •   Text Size - to set the size of the displayed text.

  •   International - to enable the adding of +1 prefix to the Phone Number for international calling.

  •   Alignment - to set the displayed text alignment to left/center/right.

X-Large Size / Mobile Icon

Large Size / Classic Icon

Medium Size / Classic Square Icon

Small Size / Classic Sound Icon

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