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Creates fixed informational alert pane

Provides a simple way to display an informational pane on page load. Can be used for GDPR policy statements, new sales/product announcements, etc.  FREE for the Blocs community !



Provides a simple  layout with smooth close animation.

Fast Setup

Quickly adjust all the controls and get a sticky alert on your site in minutes.


Simple  design and layout make it a breeze for visitors to use.


Controls to set general text & button styling.  Link settings for the buttons, control whether each is shown, position the pane at the top or bottom of the page, control width, smooth animation on close and even visitor tracking features.


Easily change the text, policy, agree & leave  buttons.


Meets a basic need everyone has & best yet - IT'S FREE.



  •  Text - Set the general text.

  •  Location - Set the pane's position to either top or bottom of the page.

  •  Width - Set the pane's % width, pane will auto-center.

  •  Vert. Offset - Set the vertical % offset from the top or bottom of the page.

  •  BG Color - Set the background color of the pane.

  •  Text Align - Set the text & button general alignment: left, centered or justified.

  •  Text Size - Set the text size, in em, for the general text & buttons.

  •  Text LnHt - Set the line height % for the general text and buttons.

  •  Text Color - Set the general text color.

  •  Show Policy Button - Control whether the policy button is shown.

  •  Policy Link - Set the url for the policy button.

  •  Policy Text - Set the policy button text.

  •   Show Agree Button - Control whether the agree button is shown.

  •  Agree Text - Set the agree button text.

  •  Show Leave Button - Control whether the leave button is shown.

  •  Leave Link - Set the url for the leave button.

  •  Leave Text - Set the leave button text.

  •  Link Color - Set the default button text color.

  •  Link Hvr - Set the button text desktop hover color.

  •  Link Border - Set the default button border color.

  •  Bor. Hvr - Set the button border desktop hover color.

  •  Btn. Radius - Set the button border radius, px.

  •  Box Shadow - Set the panel box shadow color.

  •  Show Close Icon - Control whether the close icon is shown.

  •  Close Icon - Set the close icon color.

  •  Show PopUp BG - Control whether the a background is shown behind the panel.

  •  PopUp BG - Set popup background color.

  •  Tracking on Agree Button - Control whether visitor tracking is enabled on the agree button.

  •  Tracking on Close Icon - Control whether visitor tracking is enabled on the close icon.

Sticky Alert Example - Look at the top of the page !

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