Provides Live Phone Link for visitors to call you

Provides a simple way for your visitors to call you directly on their smart phone.   Has a selection of phone icons, icon sizing, international phone dialing plus an assortment of text controls.  FREE for the Blocs community !



Provides a selection of recognizable phone icons  in a range of sizes.

Fast Setup

Quickly adjust all the controls and get a phone link on your site in minutes.


Simple design and layout make it a breeze for visitors to use.


Controls to set text size, line-height text alignment & even international calling.


Easily change the display text to whatever is desired.


Meets a basic need everyone has & best yet - IT'S FREE.


Four Icon Sizes

Chose from four different  icon sizes and use the one that works best for your layout.

Four Icon Types

Choose from four different phone icons or set it to none, if desired.

Other Controls

  • Phone Number - to set the actual telephone number to dial.

  • Icon Line Height - to adjust the vertical alignment of the icon with the text.

  • Icon & Text Colors - color wells to set custom colors.

  • Text Display - to set the text that will be seen.

  • Text Size - to set the size of the displayed text.

  • International - to enable the adding of +1 prefix to the Phone Number for international calling.

  • Alignment - to set the displayed text alignment to left/center/right.

X-Large Size / Mobile Icon

Large Size / Classic Icon

Medium Size / Classic Square Icon

Small Size / Classic Sound Icon

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